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Dunas Travel and its entire staff welcomes you and thanks you for visiting our page. Egypt is the cradle of civilization, land of the pharaohs, intriguing legends, spectacular temples. It is one of the most impressive and captivating world. Egypt's history dates back to ancient times, we want to help meet our country we know that we deeply and more than 11 years working in the tourism sector.

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Egypt: Information of Interest Arabic is the official language and spoken by all Egyptians. Note that the Arabic spoken in the street is often a dialect and differs greatly from classical Arabic. Although English is widely spoken, the locals appreciate the fact that you take the time to learn a few words and phrases. In resorts like Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada, is spoken by many other European languages ​​like French, German, Italian or Russian. Although the majority of Egyptians are Muslims, there are more than 12 million Christians living in Egypt today. Both communities live together without problems.

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